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Infographic: Promotional Product Preference by Gender

Stop the presses, we have surprising news - women and men prefer different types of promotional products. Who knew? Jokes aside, it is helpful to know which promotional products women and men like, especially if your organization is trying to target a particular gender with branded items. With that in mind, we compiled some data on women, men and promotional products to make an infographic. Take ...

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Quiz Time: How Long Are Promotional Products Kept?

Take a look around your space right now - how many promotional products do you have? Have you ever thought about how long you have owned them? Chances are, you've been "hanging out" with some of these items for a long, long time. Unlike monthly magazines that end up in recycling or digital ads that disappear once you switch to another page, the promotional products that your organization gives away...

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The Dirty Truth: Who is Really Stealing Promotional Products?

The stats are in! According to the Advertising Specialty Institute's latest study, An Analysis of Channel Belief vs. Customer Needs, promotional products are being "stolen". But who are the culprits? Well, it's you! Yes, you heard us, you are stealing promotional products from your friends, family, workplaces and even businesses or organizations that you frequent. (You really like promotional items...

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Promotional Prizes for Charity!

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Indiana to visit our client, Tire Barn, at the Indianapolis Colts training camp. However, Tire Barn didn't just want to be present at the event, they wanted to do some good, too. They took the promotional items we collaborated on - logoed shirts, embroidered hats, imprinted flashlights and branded bags - and held a fundraiser for the Susan. G. Komen Foundation...

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The Story of America's Hat

From athletes to hip-hop stars and truck drivers, celebrities hiding from the paparazzi to your friends hiding a bad hair day - baseball caps transcend every American profession, class and income level. Seen on the playing field, on the street and sometimes in the workplace, the branded baseball cap could be considered the hat of the U.S.A. Yet, this popular wardrobe staple started out like many other...

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Celebrate Golf Season Part 1: On the Green

It's that time of the year - the snow is melting, the temperatures are rising and sleeping creatures are coming out of hibernation - including one known as the golfer. Make your organization a part of the golfers' spring awakening by giving them these fun and useful golf promotional items branded with your logo. Brushed Heavy Cotton Golf Hat with Magnetic Ball Marker Our Brushed Heavy Cotton Golf...

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Eco-Friendly Fabrics Point the Way

Is your company going green? There's never been a better time to consider eco-friendly alternatives to traditional promotional products. Take a standby of the advertising specialties industry, the traditional baseball hat. We're proud to offer hats in a range of alternative fabrics, from organic cotton to recycled polyester and even bamboo fiber. Let's examine what makes each material special: ...

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