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Have some Fun with Your Calendars and Planners

For all of life's moments. We offer unique and fun styles to choose from.

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Infographic: Promotional Product Preference by Gender

Stop the presses, we have surprising news - women and men prefer different types of promotional products. Who knew? Jokes aside, it is helpful to know which promotional products women and men like, especially if your organization is trying to target a particular gender with branded items. With that in mind, we compiled some data on women, men and promotional products to make an infographic. Take ...

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How Did the 12 Months Get Their Names?

Have you ever sat around and wondered how each of the twelve months of the year got their names? (No?) Well, we are, especially since we're in the middle our promotional calendars and planners ordering season right now. (Don't judge, we need a break now and then!) Now that we've piqued your interest, take a break from your promotional product shopping and check out the answers: January is the month...

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The Dirty Truth: Who is Really Stealing Promotional Products?

The stats are in! According to the Advertising Specialty Institute's latest study, An Analysis of Channel Belief vs. Customer Needs, promotional products are being "stolen". But who are the culprits? Well, it's you! Yes, you heard us, you are stealing promotional products from your friends, family, workplaces and even businesses or organizations that you frequent. (You really like promotional items...

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Which Promo Product Is Used 365 Days a Year?

The answer is: a calendar, of course! And it's for good reason - calendars are viewed several times a day because they're placed in home and work spaces and are used for personal record-keeping - which means more brand exposure for you! Conveniently, it is almost that time of the year - the season when your organization should be getting...

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Early-bird discount on calendars and planners ends June 30

It's no secret that imprinted calendars and planners offer a great way to keep your organization's name in front of your customers 365 days a year, but did you know that you can save up to 20% on your calendar purchase if you order by June 30? The reason for the discount is simple. Too many people wait until the last few months of the year to order their calendars and planners, creating a backlog. ...

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