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The 3 Most Common Myths About Breast Cancer

There are a lot of myths surrounding breast cancer, but with funds from individuals and organizations, research continues to advance.

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Why You Should Order Your Breast Cancer Awareness Promotions Now

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - so why would we write a blog post about it in August? It's because we want you to know that Breast Cancer Awareness products are popular (which is good for the cause) - so popular, in fact, that we usually run out of them by mid-September (which is bad for you). No, we're not just saying this to shill product (we're not that type of company)...

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but do you know how this annual event got its start? In 1985 the AstraZeneca Heathcare Foundation, the American Academy of Family Physicians and CancerCare Inc. teamed up to fill what they felt was a void in public knowledge about breast cancer. October was chosen because the first Race for the Cure took place during that month in 1983....

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