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Promotional Product Proof

Clip BoardHow cool is this...I was browsing the web searching for promotional product articles and came across an article I knew I had to share here. I've been telling you how promotional products will work for your company, I've even given you facts and statistics on how smart promotional products will increase awareness of your company or organization--but how about some hard-core proof? Well here it is:

The University of Pennsylvania and University of Miami participated in a recent study to test the effectiveness of promotional products in a hospital environment. Three hundred and fifty two students were randomly split into two groups, a control group which carried non-imprinted clip boards and notepads, and an experimental group which was provided promotional clip boards and notepads imprinted with the logo for Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering drug.

Afterwards, a test was given to all participating medical students inquiring about their attitudes towards various cholesterol-lowering drugs and the results were impressive. Students that were given the Lipitor-branded promotional items reflected a more pleasant and excited attitude towards Lipitor than the control group. Doctors who reviewed all answers said, "Results show that that subtle branding is influential."

Here's proof that promotional products actually work, even with normal but useful items such as notepads and clip boards. These results can work for your company, too--our team of promotional products experts can provide custom-tailored ideas for your next campaign or event. Now that's smart marketing!