Increase Your Business with Promotional Products

By Rick R. on September 6, 2008 9:55 AM | | Comments (0)

How can promotional products increase your business? A recent study by the Advertising Specialties Institute found that, on average, 84% of people can recall a company after receiving a promotional item, and 62% end up doing business with that company.

Once a promotional product is given, the study found the item will stay with the recipient for more than 6 months. That's more than half a year of advertising, all from a single promo item!

And even if the recipient stops using the promo, 51% give them to someone else -- passing along your message in the process.

ASI also ranked different promotional products based on the public's ability to identify the advertiser and the results were astounding! Promotional Bags alone generated a whopping 90% advertiser recognition rate, with shirts and custom hats following closely behind at 89% and 87%, respectively, while promotional pens and other writing utensils provided a respectable 85% recognition rate.

The verdict is in: Promotional products are a great way to promote your business!

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