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Reasons to Give

Reasons to Give


As we approach the Holiday season people often begin to feel more charitable, in fact the frequency of donations to charitable causes increases about 42% during the Holidays. That being said, we wanted to give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t save your generosity for just one time a year, and also show some examples of how we are doing our part as well.


1. Sources agree that the number one reason you should make charitable donations is that giving back actually makes you feel better. That’s right, group research has found that people enjoy the act of generosity. Some neurologists believe these acts even stimulate the happiness center of brain causing feelings of joy and pleasure. Something that makes all of us here at Leaderpromos feel especially good is when we purchase BaseCamp products, because a portion of each sale goes to the veteran’s charity Warrior Spirit Retreat. 


2. Our children learn from us and making charitable donations sets a positive example. Using donations is a great way to instill generosity as a value in our children as well as teach them to believe in something and stand for a cause. Its become a tradition at Leaderpromos for employees to donate their time and money to the After-School All-Stars program. Working with local children in-need and making sure their families are provided a full Thanksgiving feast. 


3. You can make more of an impact than you think. In a time where there are still many people living in poverty around the world, every little bit helps. Especially in less fortunate countries where even a small donation can help those in need get food and basic living necessities. Helping the world is ideal, but donations don’t have to only be made abroad. For example, many cities have foodbanks, shelters, and other local charities you can get involved with. Leaderpromos makes donations every holiday season both as a company and individual employees to the local charity G.R.I.N. (Gahanna Residents In Need).


4. Who doesn’t love a tax break? If you make donations to a charity that has been approved by the IRS then you can write those off as a deduction on your taxes. Spending that money on a charity allows you to know precisely where your contributions are going. Make sure to check the IRS website for the approved list before donating. You don’t want any surprises during tax season!


These are just a few reasons why making charitable donations a priority in your life is a positive thing and just a little about what we are dong to lead by example and give back to our community. While there are many charities and causes to support, it’s important that you find your own to contribute to. Donating time and money to a cause you find righteous and knowing you’re making a difference is truly an empowering feeling. What are you waiting for?


The link below is a great resource for finding a charity you can support: