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Leaderpromos Dresses Their Clients For Any Occasion

US Monthly News Magazine, Asian Hospitality, recently put out its October issue with an article featuring Leaderpromos' very own Clay Bridges (Director of Business Development based in New York). Asian Hospitality is an award-winning news and informative magazine that provides its readers with industry news, trends, issues, and brands. In the magazine's feature article, titled "Dressed for the Occasion," Clay discusses the importance of uniforms and how to implement a successful uniform program. Leaderpromos currently serves over 20 hotel companies, such as Red Roof Inn, La Quinta Inn & Suites, Nomad Hotel, and Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts.

Clay knew that he had to provide the right clothes for the job. There are four basic uniform categories for building a successful program: Front desk, maintenance, housekeeping, and laundry. While all these departments are inherently different, they all contribute to a sense of professionalism as well, so each must look the part. Another quality that all hotel uniforms must share is functionality. The polo shirt is a staple that can be worn by almost all hotel departments, but as Clay says in the article, "It depends on the hotel brand whether it's an Oxford or and easy-care twill shirt."

One of Leaderpromos core capabilities is designing custom uniforms and programs for their clients. However, if the client isn't looking for custom ideas, we can also suggest innovative and unique designs that are on-brand.  As Clay expertly states, "The design of the uniform starts with the brand. A lot of it starts with an idea. We know we want a button-down shirt, but we don't know which button-down shirt."

Leaderpromos hotel experience doesn't end with just uniforms; we also provide a nearly endless selection of promotional items to help our clients promote their brand as well. Clay tells a story of how he supported a hotel that was near a football stadium and wanted to provide a functional, logoed item to their guests that would be used and kept. "We got them some water bottles and also clear backpacks because, with regulations at this time in stadiums, you can't take bags in unless they're see-through," said Clay. This is just one example of how Leaderpromos does more than sell promotional products, we sell an experience. 

As said by our President, Joe Rezabek; “First and foremost, Leaderpromos is a branding company. The products we provide are one-of-a-kind and bring our client's brand to life as opposed to just suggesting the same old things over and over again. We pride ourselves on being unique and creative and passing those attributes on to the service that we provide our clients.” 

Read the full article below. 

Images via [ https://www.redrooffranchising.com ]