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Work Hard. Play Hard.


Are you ready to take on the next adventure in your life? June is recognized as National Great Outdoors Month and we thought why not celebrate it by getting out and enjoy some much-deserved time outside.

We believe that the reward for your hard work should never be more hard work! So, check out a variety of items that Leaderpromos offers that are made exclusively for outdoor environments that can be customized for any brand using dozens of unique decorating methods.


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Let’s get you geared up for the month of June and your next adventure:




Did you know most states offer free fishing days during National Fishing and Boating Week, where anglers can fish on public bodies of water without a fishing license?  

From hats to vest, find branded Fishing Gear




A group of people sitting on a boat


Spending some time out on the water sounds nice, right? Find a local river and see if you can rent kayaks or a fishing boat. Make sure to put on your sunscreen!






A group of people in a park


The camping list can be overwhelming so for this we put a list together for you of the essentials.


Mountain ClimberHiking

Enjoy a day outside hiking. Put on your boots, backpack, and a grab water bottle. Let’s get climbing! 

Sports and Outdoor Gear






A group of people riding on a bicycle


Riding a bike is a great activity to do for all! Gear up with the Santa Cruz Hydration Pack and enjoy some time with your hair in the wind.







Family Fun at the beach

Family Fun

At Leaderpromos we believe family time is so important. Not only can you do the list of activities above with your family, but we have more ideas.

Take this Rolled Up Sweatshirt Blanket to the park and enjoy running around on a field, flying a kite and reading. Whether you are on the beach or park, don’t forget about Sunscreen and SPF lip balm

Raining? No problem! At Leaderpromos we won’t let the rain stop you from going out. We offer a wide variety of umbrellas, ponchos and rain gear that will keep you from the indoors and enjoying the out.


Checking time

Friendly Competition

Race each other, with a branded stopwatch or activity/fitness wrist band, you can have fun and find out who the real winner is.