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Trending Bluetooth Devices


Bluetooth devices are not just extremely popular, for most of us they’re an absolute must-have for our day-to-day tasks and activities.

Have you ever thought about how many Bluetooth devices are around you and that you interact with every day? It’s in your car, your headphones, speakers, smartwatch, thermostat and as displayed at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year, even your toilet.

Think about it - Bluetooth simplifies our everyday tasks and being wireless, eases some of our frustrations. If you’ve ever turned around in your chair and been caught by the cord or stood up to walk away and forget to pick up your phone when you stood up, then you understand perfectly why Bluetooth devices are so popular.

These devices can also improve your lifestyle by helping you monitor your health and send you daily alerts. They even send you reminders, so you don’t miss important meetings. 



Let’s look at some great Bluetooth products that will be trending in 2019:



Brookstone® Sport True Wireless Bluetooth® Earbuds

  • Hassle free with no wires or cords
  • Integrated microphone with answer & end call buttons
  • Integrated play, pause and track control
  • Playback time: 6 hours






  • Stereo sound with outside noise reduction
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls
  • Multi-function on-ear buttons for answering calls and controlling music
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 33 ft.
  • Playback time: 4+ hours of audio





Bluetooth® Knit Beanie

  • Beanie with built-in Bluetooth wireless stereo headphone with microphone for listening to music and handsfree phone calls
  • Features easy-to-use interface and LED indicator lights 
  • Instructions included
  • Playback time: Approx. 6-8 hours
  • Item works with most Bluetooth/wireless enabled devices





Smart Button

Onyt App-Enabled Smart Button

  • With a one-click command, you can trigger dozens of actions at once
  • Control Lights
  • Play Music
  • Track Time
  • Present Keynote
  • Call Uber
  • Ping My Phone
  • & Much More!




ANKR Bluetooth Tracker

  • Stop losing stuff!
  • Add to keys, bag or wallet
  • Features a unique “no-pairing” Bluetooth technology, so they set up in about 30 seconds
  • Manage up to 20 ANKRs and Safe Zones
  • If something is left behind, ANKR alerts you and gives you directions back to it





Voyager Bluetooth Keyboard and Case

  • Take your keyboard on the go
  • Comes with a neoprene case to help protect the keyboard
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 33 ft.
  • *Note: IPad not included




Floating Speaker

Outdoor floating Bluetooth speaker

  • Floats in pool or can sit on your countertop
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 33 ft.






Award type speaker

Sonosphear™ Bluetooth Speaker

  • Built-in microphone
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 33 ft.­­
  • Playback time: 8 hours of audio
  • Advanced 3D stereo sounds




Wood Speaker

RoxBoxNewport Bluetooth ® Speaker Wood

  • Shape the tone of the audio with the built-in equalizer settings: Pop, Rock, Jazz and Classical
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 33 ft.
  • Playback time: Approx 7 hours






Timebox Smart Wireless Speaker

  • Featuring High Definition Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
  • Built-In Microphone for easy hands-free calling
  • Includes Professional Sleep-Aid System to improve sleep quality with nature sounds
  • Additional features include 14 Build-In Custom Alarms, 5W DSP tuned speaker, FM Radio, Thermometer, Voice Messages, Social Media Notifications & App-Controlled Light Display Customization
  • Playback time: up to 8 hours





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