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Legislative Education and Action Day

May 14, 2018 marked the beginning of Promotional Products Work! Week, leading up to Legislative Education and Action Day (L.E.A.D.) in Washington, D.C. on May 16-17. Industry leaders from across the country met with members of Congress and Legislative staff to discuss the issues that matter most to the promotional products industry. This year I joined our fellow members and proudly represented Leaderpromos on Capitol Hill. 

Over the course of 2 days, 80 representatives from our industry met with over 200 legislators. We truly made an impact with members of the House and Senate shedding light on the value of our industry and the impact we have on the US economy. We held meetings with legislators to discuss the following:

  • Promotional Products Work! Promotional products are logoed or imprinted items that educate, recruit, highlight safety awareness, urge organ donations and encourage healthy living and lifestyle choices. Promotional products recognize and reward employee achievements and inspire action. Promotional products are used to celebrate milestones, sign legislation and reinforce critical messages
  • Independent Contractors: The Promotional Products Association International Urges Congress to preserve the current safe harbor in Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978. If this safe harbor is changed, the long-standing practice of treating promotional consultants as independent contractors would likely be harmed as our promotional consultants would be forced to make considerations about questionable application of tax law, their company affiliation and their business practices within the industry. Independent contractors in our industry are independent by choice and according to the law. Altering the safe harbor and not updating the tax code would adversely impact the entire promotional products industry
  • Advertising Expenditures: If our current tax reform proposal is put in place, advertising deductions over the course of five or more years could result in curtailed use of all advertising media including promotional products. This outcome will decrease economic activity and reduce the effectiveness of the $6 trillion advertising industry
  • Global Value Chains: The promotional products industry relies on global supply chains. Although most promotional products are manufactured overseas, once in the U.S., these products are decorated by U.S. workers. They are sold by U.S. workers. They are used to promote U.S. goods and services. Did you know 74% of the value of that product is produced in the US? (fun fact)

As a member of our industry for over 15 years, it was an honor to give back to our association and advocate on behalf of my fellow industry peers. I am hopeful that with continued follow up and keeping the lines of communication open with our legislators, the promotional product industry will no longer be a ‘step child’ to the world of advertising.

Each of you can get involved by reaching out to your local Legislators and members of their staff. For more information on how to get involved visit PPAILAW.org.