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Safeguard Your Brand from Erosion

Famous brands have things in common. One of these things is the careful oversight of their brand standards.

Brand standards are a set of guidelines that provide color palette, graphics, logo specs, typography, personality traits and other unique attributes comprising a brand’s identity. These specific identifiers differentiate a brand and safeguard brands from being misrepresented.

If brand standards aren’t consistent and accurate, it causes brand erosion. In other words, a brand is perceived as disordered and inept—not the qualities that consumers and businesses seek in products, services and partnerships.

As a national top 50 promotional products and apparel distributor, brands are our business. Leaderpromos is fanatically committed to respecting and upholding the integrity of our clients’ brand standards. Leaderpromos acts as “brand police” throughout the entire promotional product, apparel or service development process. Only a few of our adherence procedures are listed below:

  • Onboarding process begins with receiving and confirming brand guidelines
  • Cross-department education specific to the client’s brand
  • Guidelines posted in high-traffic department areas
  • Continual quality-control checks throughout the product/apparel/service lifecycle internally and externally
  • Submission of proofs, virtuals, sew-outs
  • Authorized approval processes

For more than 20 years, Leaderpromos has respected and upheld the standards of countless clients that have trusted us with their brands. Consider us for your next branding opportunity. When you partner with Leaderpromos, your brand integrity is ensured 100 percent.