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Why Custom Packaging Elevates Your Brand

You see custom packaging everywhere—the grocery store, the mall, your doorstep. Your eyes are drawn more so to items with special custom packaging than to those with boring standard wrapping. For this reason and others listed below, when selling products or sharing promotional items to help brand and market your business or cause, consider using custom packaging for a bigger payoff:

  • Novelty: Recipients feel special receiving items that are specially packaged. The content is instantly considered more high-quality and therefore, more highly valued.
  • Secondary exposure: Oftentimes, recipients share and save packaging because of its uniqueness, which increases its shelf life and consequently, its brand exposure to other parties.
  • More message opportunity: Brands have another chance to include brand messages on custom packaging. For example, a belly band (see image below) can be decorated with a new tagline, hashtags or social channels.
  • Promotes product launches: New products have to fight for visibility more than established products. Help them to be seen and selected with eye-catching packaging.
  • Can be environmentally friendly: For “green” companies, the opportunity to use recycled materials can further support their brand reputation, or brands can use earth-conscious packaging to launch a product with a “green” audience.
  • Differentiates from the competition: Among the crowd of other like brands, a brand that separates itself using custom packaging will be first remembered.