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2017 Promotional Industry Trends

On the heels of returning from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo, Leaderpromos’ brand experts are sharing the trends that will shape the industry this year:

Retail Brand Partnerships

Big brand names get attention and have a higher-perceived value than off-brand items. Customers are more willing now than ever to pay more to get brand items. Quality is now trumping price for many buyers.

Travel Bags
Male, female, young or old, bags for traveling are always needed and prices run the gamut to accommodate any budget. This year, Leaderpromos is seeing more backpacks and less messengers compared to previous years, as well as more durable fabrics, textures and patterns.

Note Keepers

Journals, notepads, jotters, padfolios—whatever you prefer to call them, note keepers will always have a long promotional lifeline because of their functionality for every industry. What’s new this year, is that more of them are being offered in earth-colored tones.

Performance Fabrics
Who doesn’t appreciate high-performance fabrics? The popularity of sweat-wicking, more comfortable-feeling fabrics for all seasons and lifestyle needs—think sport, career and personal wear—is becoming more and more requested. “Athleisure” is a buzzword in the industry this year.

Custom Packaging

Spending a bit more to custom-package promotional items has a big payoff. Recipients feel special when receiving these high-quality-looking gifts and tend to share and save packaging. Companies have another opportunity to tell their brand stories when leveraging packaging to deliver extra messaging.

Gray is the new black. But seriously, the color gray is everywhere, no matter the promotional item. From apparel and bags to drinkware and hats, shades of gray are nearly always a color option.

Upgraded Tech

Everyone is a fan of gadgets these days. We have to offer one step better to get noticed, so the promotional industry is seeing an uptick in the offering of upgraded technologies—a pen that also functions as a stylus, with removable USB flash, drive for example.

Next week, Leaderpromos is taking industry trends a step further with the announcement of our “Top 17 promotional items of 2017.” Don’t miss it!