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Scary promotional practices

In the spirit of the Halloween season, Leaderpromos is sharing some scary practices to avoid when considering promotional products to market your business:

  • Not investing in promotional products because they’re “too expensive:” Promotional products have a cheaper cost per impression and better ROI compared to high-priced marketing tactics like broadcast or print advertising. There's more bang-for-your-buck with promotional products!
  • Not investing in a professional: Many people opt to select and source their promotional products without enlisting the help of professional promotional distributors. Oftentimes, when amateurs use overseas vendors, product quality suffers and customization can go wrong because he/she lacks the global know-how of working with diverse sources.
  • Not customizing giveaway products: You miss a huge opportunity to brand your business if you forego the customization process for your giveaways. And remember, it’s more than slapping on your logo. There are other methods to make a product uniquely yours.
  • Not following up after promotional giveaways: You’ve dispersed your promotional products and now what? Ensure that each giveaway has a call-to-action reminder for your marketing team. Discuss the giveaway at your social channels to keep it alive and shareable, have your marketing team call or email recipients to ask about their satisfaction with the product, measure feedback to help plan future giveaways, etc.
  • Not creating a promotional products distribution plan: Having a promotional game plan is a huge advantage to businesses. There are multiple times throughout the year (holidays) to consider giveaways, as well as special events (business anniversaries, milestones, additions).

These habits are boo-worthy. So, if you want to get treated instead of tricked, be sure to acknowledge these steps in pursuit of optimally marketing your business using promotional products throuhout the year.

Leaderpromos’ promotional brand experts can help your business formalize a promotional products plan. Call us at 1-877-677-9988!