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The Essentials on Essential Oils

db_file_img_1756_620x519.jpgHolistic practices have officially become mainstream...and have officially entered the realm of promotional products. Now your Wellness firm, day spa, salon, or even your home can benefit from essential oils.

Sounds great...but what ARE essential oils? Think au natural multi-use scents that can be used for aromatheraphy, household cleaning products, natural medicine or personal beauty care. Essential oils are technically not oils, but condensed plant extractions made from peels, roots, resin, bark, leaves, and flower. Here are a few ways essential oils can be used in your every day repertoire:


  • To rid your clothing of the musky, over worn and gym smell, add two or three drops of peppermint oil to wet clothes before starting the dryer.
  • Cinnamon essential oil diffused in the air will rid of unwarranted smells because it of it's anti-microbial properties.
  • Use a few drops of lemon oil diluted in a large bowl of water to clean fruit vegetables.


Now that essential oils have been introduced to the promotional products industry, it opens up the possibilities for further company branding. Not only can small businesses in the health and beauty industry now promote their own name, but employers can utilize essential oils in employee wellness or even unique gift ideas.

Find more solutions of how to use essential oils at http://draxe.com/essential-oil-uses-benefits/