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Gender Preferences: Choose Apparel Colors Wisely


The color of your branded apparel is more important to your audience than you may have thought. Since the early 1900s, studies have been conducted to gain greater insights into the color preferences of men and women.

What good is a promotional shirt if it's not going to be worn?

Here are a few insights on the colors men and women are more likely to wear:


  • Men and women both prefer blue when presented with a basic set of color, such as simple red, yellow and blue.



  • Women are drawn to blended colors that lean toward the red end of color spectrum (think pink), while men hold fast to the blue end of the spectrum when presented with blends.



  • Women respond better to soft colors, while men opt for brights.



  • Men will choose shades of color (a color mixed with black) over tints (a color mixed with white). Women choose tints.


Knowing your audience will help you make better buying decisions increasing the chances your promotional apparel will be worn and seen. Already know your audience? You're ready to make informed promotional purchases.

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