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Incredible Edibles!

food gifts.jpg

Would you like to earn some brownie points from your customers? Consider edible promotional products! You can really bring home the bacon by branding yourself with everything from individually wrapped logo candy to cheese platters with imprinted cutting boards. 

The success behind edible promotional products is that they can be shared! They promote communication and therefore discussion of your brand. Let us feed you some information on our edible promo goodies!

You can be livin' la vida cocoa with the Large Custom Chocolate Squares Gift Box! Complete with both milk and dark chocolate, you can choose from a 3D stock image, a custom image, or both! These luscious pieces of chocolate come in a beautiful box - your choice of gold or silver - which is completed with a stretch bow ribbon. What a creative (and yummy!) way to promote your brand! 

Your customers will be carried away with this adorable Candy Briefcase with Business Card Slot! You supply the business card, they supply the packaging. Imagine your customer's pleasant surprise when you hand them your business card attached to a snack!

It's a gouda option to consider the grate cheese and meat set with imprinted cutting board!  The Wisconsin Favorites-Shelf Stable will serve up a platter of fun and enjoyment for your customers!  They'll receive a cutting board with your logo imprint, a summer sausage, two seven ounce blocks of cheese and a cheese knife to get the party started. 

There's nothing tart about a customized lemonade packet!  Water is much more fun when you flavor it. These Individual Lemonade Packets will give your customer a delicious way to drink those 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy! 

Your customers won't think this is a crumb-y gift!  An Individually Wrapped Premium Cookie is exactly the kind of item that sweetens the deal.  Five flavors are offered for the cookies which come wrapped in a bag with your logo on the front.

You customers won't be corn-fused about your feelings toward them if you give them Personalized Microwave Popcorn! Popcorn makes for a good brain break at work, and all of your customers will be talking about your company since your logo is right on the bag!

Regardless of which product you choose, an edible promo product will get your customers talking - about your brand! If you're interested in learning about all of the different edibles options, contact your rep at Leaderpromos today!

Written by: Buffy Luckman