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Promotional Product Test Drive: Collapsible Party Cooler

collapsible party cooler.jpgSummertime means summer concerts and other outdoor activities. It also means that I run around these events begging my friends for space in their large, roomy, jumbo coolers. Living in an apartment in the city, I simply don't have the space for luxuries like a cooler. I mean I pretty much store my arts and crafts in the oven (well, not anymore after that dreadful oil pastel disaster of '11). So when I stumbled across this lovely green collapsible cooler, it seemed as though my prayers were answered. It stored neatly underneath my watercolor palette and brushes, ready for the day where I might need to pack it full of frosty beverages. 

That moment came on a blistering June day in which I was to attend an outdoor concert. I packed the cooler to the brim with two bottles of water, six 16 oz cans of soda, and six fancy bottles of imported beer. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it could store. It's like the cooler knew that "one more" to me actually meant "at least six more, thanks!"  I did have a moment of panic at the concert when I realized that I hadn't brought a bottle opener. Not to worry - the cooler comes equipped with its very own bottle opener, attached at the handle for anyone who sometimes misplaces their worldly belongings. 

The next morning, while my friends threw out their backs trying to get their coolers into their trunks of their cars, I loftily skipped over to them, cooler in tow. "Let me give you some ice for that injury," I offered, "Because the ice in MY cooler still hasn't melted!" 

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Written by: Liz Garcia

Guest product reviewers received a gratis product sample from Leaderpromos in exchange for their review.