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Need An Idea? Check Out Our Staff's Promotional Product Picks!

It's our job to provide fun, useful and creative promotional product ideas to our clients, which means that we're always up-to-date with today’s new, cool and unique promotional items.

We decided to survey our brand experts and asked, "Right now, what is your favorite promotional product and why?"

Magic Mobile Stand
"I have this on my desk! This is my favorite because it's so useful. It sticks to both your desk and your phone. (You can even place your phone at an odd angle or upside down and the stand will hold it.) When the adhesive gets dirty, just wipe it off with water (I've even used a Clorox wipe) and it renews itself and becomes just like new. It's great!"

-- Megan, Account Executive

(This item was also enthusiastically endorsed by two other team members - Clay, Senior Account Executive and Lory, Account Executive.)

Magic Mobile Stand

Men's Easy Care Braodcloth Shirt
"This shirt is awesome. Wash and wear right out of the dryer, no iron required and it looks sharp! Price is right too. All of my clients who have bought this item love it. I own both this shirt and the spread collar version, too -- they're both in heavy rotation."

-- Wes, Senior Account Executive

 Men's Easy Care Broadcloth Shirt

Fridge Memo Clip with Pen Holder
"Clients always ask for something that's budget-friendly, new, unique and functional. I think this product hits all of those areas very well. If you're a list person like me, it's very handy to have something like this on my fridge. Need to add something to the grocery list? It's right there! The logo is in your face every time you visit the fridge, the imprint area is large for an item like this (1 1/4" x 7/8") and there are a ton of color options. You can also include a nice logo pen to go along with the clip. That's two functional promotional items for just over a buck!"

-- Brian, Inside Sales Manager

Fridge Memo Clip with Pen Holder

OGIO All Terrain Duffel
"I love this bag and it gets a lot of use. I drag it to and from my house, my gym locker and my trunk, five days a week, in all sorts of weather. I've also taken it on trips and have (literally) beaten the crap out of it and yet the bag still looks great. Not only is it sturdy, but it is spacious, has plenty of pockets and includes a side shoe compartment - which I never appreciated until I got one. It makes hauling clothing around so much easier and I can take it almost anywhere!"

-- Sharon, Marketing Assistant

OGIO All Terrain Duffel

NIKE GOLF Dri-FIT Pebble Texture Sport Shirt
"They're Nike, but at a budget-friendly price, lightweight, breathable and wear extremely well. It's made with moisture wicking fabric, so it's comfortable, too!"

-- Grant, Senior Account Executive

 NIKE GOLF Dri-FIT Pebble Texture Sport Shirt