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Performance Polo & Golf Essentials Pro Pack: Idea of the Week

Jason LeaderpromosThis week's idea (actually two!) is modeled by golfing pro and Account Executive Jason. He's wearing our Ashworth Men's Performance Wicking Blend Polo, one of our 100 Must-Have Products, and using a golf ball from our Golf Essentials Pro Pack.

We picked the Ashworth Men's Performance Wicking Blend Polo because it's such a great shirt. It features stylish tipping on the cuffs and collar, and is constructed of quick-dry moisture wicking fabric that make it perfect for the course - or for the office!

Combine it with our Golf Essentials Pro Pack and you're well on your way to hosting a tournament. The package includes two golf balls (your choice of Authoritee, Titlelist, MAXFLI, Slaezenger or Dixon), a rubber-grip divot-fixer and nine golf tees all within a snazzy clip-on bag. Best of all - the kit items are available in a variety of mix and match colors.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our complete line of Golf Promotional Items, call your account executive or contact us today to get ready for golf season!