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Plan the Perfect Company Outing

Company outings are not only a great time to kick back and have some fun, they also present a prime opportunity to foster team-building between employees. A well-run outing creates stronger relationships between employees and management, and provides a time to honor those people who make the company what it is.

There are several key factors to consider when planning an outing to ensure that all participants feel relaxed and have a good time:

Location: When choosing a location, make sure it is convenient for most employees, but far enough away from the office that it feels like a retreat. It is also important to select a location that lends itself to a diverse array of activities.

Activities: The entire point of having a company outing is to build team spirit among the employees. Allowing participants to select the activity they would like to be a part of gives them greater enjoyment than if they were forced into an activity they have no interest in. Plan activities that encourage employees to work together to achieve a common goal. Also choose activities that bring out the competitive side of the participants. This will keep them engaged longer and will be more rewarding in the end.

Involvement: Encourage employees and their families to participate in all or at least some of the activities you have planned for their enjoyment. The activities can be great icebreakers to meet employees that you would not normally interact with inside the office.

Food: Having the right spread of food is an essential part of any successful company outing. Make sure that you have a diverse selection of food to satisfy the needs of all participants. Having your outing catered by a popular local restaurant is always a good choice.

Alcohol: Allowing alcohol at your company outing is a tough decision. Having alcohol at the outing is probably a popular choice, but take care to avoid any embarrassing situations that can arise from overindulgence. Consider giving out a set amount of drink tickets to each adult, which will allow them to enjoy a few drinks in a responsible manner.

Takeaways: Give your participants a memento to remember the outing and the fun they had. Depending on the season and the location, hats and water bottles with the company logo and event date can be a crowd-pleaser. Or outfit your whole office with imprinted t-shirts commemorating the day. And donx92t forget to have a selection of awards to honor the winning teams!

Following these few tips will ensure that your next company outing will be a successful, team-building event for your employees and their families.