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Why? Who? and What?

Looking to promote at an event, outing or with a giveaway? There are three very important questions that need to be asked; Why? Who? and What? My fellow blogger at ASI had some valuable information I found very interesting and helpful, so I thought I'd share it here:

Why? Why should I consider using promotional products over other mediums?

  • ASI found 84% of people who receive promotional products are able to easily recall the brand on their item.
  • ASI found that 81% of people keep their promotional item because it is useful
  • Promotional products have an average cost-per-impression of $.004, pretty hard to beat considering your other options of TV and radio ads.
  • 62% of promotional item recipients end up doing business with that company
  • Recipients keep their promotional item, on average, around 6 months.

Who? Who is my promotion's audience going to be?

  • This will be a very important determining factor deciding other important decisions such as what promotional item would be best to use.
  • Knowing the audience's demographics will help you optimize your next promotion by allowing you to make smart useful decisions.

What? What promotional products will fit the needs of my audience?

  • Your promotional items should be useful and meet the needs and desires of your audience. This way your audience is pleased and excited to advertise your company or organization.
  • If you're having a hard time thinking of some ideas, keep these top categories in mind:
    1. Shirts
    2. Bags
    3. Caps and headwear
    4. Writing instruments
    5. Other wearables

So for your next promotion consider these facts and remember, never stop asking the important questions, Why? Who? and What?

Download the full ASI promotional products study (PDF).