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The Time is Now for Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

An emphasis on environmental preservation has pushed several large corporations to search for eco-friendly promotional products in an effort to do their part and prove to consumers they are concerned about this growing problem. The increased demand has distributors and suppliers rushing to produce and market a diverse eco-friendly product offering.

Large companies such as Coco-Cola and Wal-Mart have teamed up to produce a new line of logoed T-shirts with slogans like "Rehash your trash" and "Make your plastic fantastic" printed on them. The shirts are made from recycled plastic and cotton and help to eliminate much of the waste generated from Cokex92s operations.

The shift towards "green" products affords these corporations the opportunity to advertise the positive impacts their companies are having on the environment and often times reduces or overshadows the otherwise negative press many of these companies receive. Furthermore, green products open up doors to market segments that may not have been originally accessible. For instance, consumers who may not drink coke might purchase the new green apparel as a sign of appreciation for their environmentally friendly efforts.

Green products have not been confined to the apparel industry but have proliferated into categories ranging from pens to tote bags. Today suppliers continue to produce an array of products that both meet the needs of end users and comply with eco-friendly guidelines. While costs associated with production of green products are often times higher, the goodwill generated from these campaigns more than compensates for this difference.

The eco-friendly products push is projected to continue to grow and it is important to differentiate those companies who have adopted true eco-friendly measures from those that simply claim to have taken these measures. For instance, a company who sends an eco-friendly thank-you gift to a client whose office is located next door, and has it shipped across the street rather than walking it over, obviously hasn't adopted a true eco-friendly approach.

Environmental awareness is quickly increasing due to the masses adapting the 'Go Green' lifestyle. Your company or organization can do their part by working with Leaderpromos.com. Eco-friendly items are in strong demand these days and Leaderpromos.com offers an exceptional selection of eco-friendly promotional products that are great for your employees, clients and customers-who we know care about the environment. Our eco-friendly promotional items are a mixture of eco apparel, eco bags, eco pens and notebooks and other eco products.

Providing eco-friendly promotional products to your team is a trendy and resourceful way of showing off your company or organization. Best of all, it allows you to reflect your values of conserving our earth and is a great new way to introduce people to not only your company but preserving natural resources.

Environmental preservation is important to assure the next generation has a safe and clean Earth on which to thrive. Functional, eco-friendly products can serve several purposes, most importantly helping to reduce the amount of waste that hits our landfills. Through increased awareness and adoption of green products, companies both large and small can have a lasting impact on preserving our planet.

Having an earth friendly plan for promoting your company or organization has many advantages. One of the most important is growing your company or organization while simultaneously doing your part to care for the environment. Through your promotion, new audiences will be reached, producing more business and awareness for you.

Is there a difference in quality between eco-friendly apparel and regular apparel? Eco-friendly apparel is just as good as any other apparel, if not better. You can find our eco-friendly apparel fashion forward and useful for any corporate event or outing. With your contribution of eco-friendly apparel your company or organization will look and feel good along with everyone wearing it. Our selection of eco-friendly apparel differs in styles, designs and colors.

U.S consumers, on average, use 100 billion plastic bags-price wise, this would be roughly $4 billion. Think of the difference an eco-friendly durable and reusable bag would make. We have a wide variety of bags that are made from recycled fabric, all ranging in colors and styles No matter what you choose, the Leaderpromos.com team of promotional product experts can assist you in choosing your design along with customizing your eco-friendly order with an imprinted, engraved or embroidered version of your slogan or logo. Using eco-friendly promotional products allows you to give your employees, clients or customers a promotional product they can be proud of-making your promotion 100% successful!