The Color Orange Makes Your Drinkware Very Appealing

By Sharon S. on January 15, 2013 12:28 PM | | Comments (0)

Hampton-Ceramic-MugPlanning on purchasing drinkware for your organization? Color matters! Consider the hue of your mugs, water bottles or other beverage containers.

Why? Studies have shown the color of food and beverage containers can affect how much or how little that we eat. For example, blue can curb cravings while reds and yellows will increase hunger.

Now, researchers have discovered that hot chocolate "tastes" better if it is in an orange or cream colored cup. According to the Wall Street Journal, "Researchers in Europe asked 57 participants to assess the taste of hot cocoa served in four different colored cups, all the same size: white, cream, orange and red." By a large margin, the volunteers perceived the beverage to be much flavorful when served in the orange or the cream colored cups.

The same study also confirmed that other food and beverage container colors enhanced taste. Yellow tins improved the flavor of lemon and pink packaged drinks were perceived as being more sugary.

So, orange you glad you read this article? Use this information to pick out colorful and on-brand drinkware for your organization or contact us for help.

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