Do You Like Baby Pictures? Well, Then You're In Luck!

By Sharon S. on September 12, 2012 11:55 AM | | Comments (0)

Thank goodness babies are cute because the stork has visited Leaderpromos not one, not two, but six times within the past year. No, we weren't kidding - six times. (There must be something in our promotional water bottles.)

Here are the newest additions to our Leaderpromos family. As you can see, one has already visited the office and has his own headset. The rest will be answering the phones and taking your orders as soon as they learn how to talk.

Meet our future account executives: Kyler (Grant's son), Beatrice (Dan's granddaughter), Zachary (Jaime's son), Brayden (Brian W's son) Kohen (Brian T's son) and Wyler (Wes' daughter).

 Leaderpromos Babies

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