Ordering Apparel? Tie Up Loose Ends with a Sew-Out

By Sharon S. on May 3, 2012 10:10 AM | | Comments (0)

Thinking about your next 1,000 piece or more embroidered apparel order? Wondering if your logo is going to have a smooth translation into cloth and thread? Then order a sew-out!

A sew-out is a proof of your logo embroidered onto a sample or a small square of apparel. Sew-outs help you:

Control Your Visual Identity

Color calibrations differ from monitor to monitor, so the appearance of your logo can fluctuate from computer to computer. With a sew-out and our Pantone thread matching system, you can make sure your colors are on-brand!

Check the Details

From hats and caps, to polos and button-downs, the fabric and construction of your promotional apparel will vary - and so will the threading of your logo. For example, depending on the material, your artwork may be sewn onto a backpack differently than it would be onto a coat. Use your sew-out to check the details and make sure your logo is to your satisfaction. (And don't worry about the complexity of your artwork - our embroidery team has over thirty years of experience and will make sure that your logo is perfect for you.)

Best of all, sew-outs can be sent to you digitally, so you can proof and approve your artwork within hours. They are an easy, convenient and time-saving way to manage your brand identity -- so you can proof, make changes or sign off on your order quickly, and then focus on whatever else you have to accomplish that day!

If you have any other questions or would like to get started, call your account executive or contact us.

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