An Apple Computer Promotional Products Catalog from 1983

By Sharon S. on February 7, 2012 3:41 PM | | Comments (1)

A blast from the past! In 1983, Apple wanted to promote its brand, so they created a free, full-color promotional gift catalog that showcased their famous logo. Available through Official Apple retail computer dealers or by mail, the booklet had some unique and interesting promotional items, including a rainbow logo latch hook kit, an Apple II computer puzzle, jewelry and even logoed apparel that looks like the vintage promotional t-shirts that we sell today!

Even though we (naturally) geek out over any type of promotional product, we thought you would appreciate this, too. Enjoy!




 ApplePromoCatalog5 ApplePromoCatalog6 AppleGiftCatalog7


It's like watching a very early episode of All in the Family, before it became great. Thanks.

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