Get the Skinny on Promotional Bags for Summer!

By Sharon S. on June 24, 2011 4:31 PM | | Comments (0)

Zippin TotesVogue is convinced that a little bit of logo goes a long way - they recommend that your summer bags and their logos should be simple, light and reflective of the season. We agree!

Don't make your clients lug around a large tote during the dogs days of summer - beat the heat by using a cosmetic bag as a clutch or give them a satchel that folds into a compact version of itself, such as our Zippin Tote. Think small. Think stylish.

But the fun doesn't stop there - in a season when accessories should be sunny and carefree, match your imprint to the summery mood. Try a petite version of your logo or drape the bag with a dainty branded pattern.

Need more great ideas? Check out our promotional bags and totes or contact us to learn how your organization can look cool during this hot season!

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