Choosing eco-friendly promotional products: Five quick tips

By Rick R. on January 29, 2010 1:49 PM | | Comments (0)
  1. Select items that eliminate waste. Eight out of ten disposable plastic water bottles sold in the U.S. end up in landfills. Products like stainless water bottles and nonwoven shopping totes can be used again and again, potentially eliminating tons of garbage.
  2. Make sure your products can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Many eco items now carry tags with recycling instructions.
  3. Go organic! Organic cotton is great for bags and apparel. Best of all, it's made without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
  4. Try corn plastics. Daily, 10% of U.S. oil consumption goes to plastic production. Corn plastic is made from a renewable resource, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and takes 65% less energy to produce than conventional plastics.
  5. Tap into the simplicity trend. Functional products that save money will be kept and used, keeping your clients engaged with your brand.

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