Eco-Friendly Fabrics Point the Way

By Rick R. on September 17, 2009 5:04 PM | | Comments (0)

earth-chilli-eco-friendly-apparelIs your company going green? There's never been a better time to consider eco-friendly alternatives to traditional promotional products.

Take a standby of the advertising specialties industry, the traditional baseball hat. We're proud to offer hats in a range of alternative fabrics, from organic cotton to recycled polyester and even bamboo fiber.

Let's examine what makes each material special:

Organic Cotton: Grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, organic cotton has the same look and feel of regular cotton, without the environmental impact.

Recycled Polyester:With yarns made from post-consumer waster, this fabric is strong, saves energy and reduces the amount of waste in landfills.

Bamboo: A sustainable and renewable resource, bamboo fibers are naturally antimicrobial and help whisk moisture away from the skin. Bamboo is also one of the fastest growing plants on earth and thrives without the use of harsh pesticides.

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